Innovate and change a process

by Unre Visagie on September 9, 2012

Learn from the past and then do differently. The picture shows the phases of innovation that cannot be skipped.

The fun and tough processes of innovation Guaranteed innovation – do you have the resources? How to get the resources required.

It takes time, application and persistence – plain curiosity driven by actions, learning from what does not work and do it again.

The full list of skills in communication and more is required.

The effect of studying past successes and experiences is to make me learn and admire and do otherwise.

Overcome barriers and push boundaries – renew, challenge and ACT!

Innovation is born from the unreasonable man who reasons, learn from all and many and then attempt new ways of doing the same old tasks.

Respect the lessons and innovate!


Unre’s experiences of risks of failure in the normal reality challenge April 2004

Natural project process sequences:

The reality challenges could not be short-circuited.

We operate in all areas in the rapid prototype models. We attempted to fast forward from Concept to results with more resources. We created pain and waste while we learned. Smaller pilots would have worked faster. Each layer of reality through pilot, clarify, codify, package and publish must be

Handled and delivered. It takes lots of calendar time as people’s minds absorb the layers.  The Geoffrey Moore chasm applies each time.


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