Hiroshima versus Detroit 67 years later Welfare destroys!

by Unre Visagie on February 13, 2014

Taking ownership for self and live your PURPOSE else dependency or entitlement with the following results.

Purpose vision and objectives approach

We can help you ESCAPE WELFARE AND THE CONSEQUENCES implementing the process in the picture!

Click here to see the results of WELFARE in Detroit versus OWNERSHIP in Hiroshima:

Japan Hiroshima Bombed versus Detroit USA the bomber 67 years later.
(Could just as well use Pretoria and Joburg versus Cape town in South Africa?)

The damage of welfare and agendas in the USA lasts longer than nuclear radiation in Hiroshima!

Look at the two cities Hiroshima and Detroit 67 years later. We can learn a lot?

What do you think? South Africa like Detroit or Japan 67 years from now?

Welfare and entitlement can be destructive? Steal peoples’ pride and self-worth? Get yours back with well managed life and career or business!

Food for thought?

Japanese took ownership for their future and USA Chicago relied on external factors.

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