The good life versus mere life or existance

by Unre Visagie on May 4, 2014

Good life or mere life (Existence) and the related unnecessary Income disparity as a world wide phenomenon.

Choose your goals and share with others to make it real Know where you are going and why and build the GOOD LIFE!

What will let all have equal access and choice leading to the boring good life? With insights and mastered skills, only mastered with effort and dedication, we will find it hard to live the GOOD LIFE!

Triggers from a speech by University of San diego Chancellor Pradeep Khosla. University San Diego continuous remaking of education and employability evolutionary process.

The lack of knowledge and skills with insights underly the reasons why the House hold USA and a world wide phenomenon disparity in income is growing rather than equal opportunity to all. Undergraduate is more public good and hence public investment. Thereafter you invest in self for more own good in Masters upwards to do more and thus earn more in personal joy and money. Wider lectures on the Good life versus Mere life Aristotle on Good life versus mere life and Aristotle on  What is more desirable? “The good life versus mere life (existence).” Hence, a good man is one who reasons well and chooses well. Happiness, for Aristotle, is not something that comes to us from the outside. Rather, happiness is an inside job. Happiness is an activity, not a passivity, that is, it is not something that happens to you or comes to you from without. It is an activity rooted in human choices. In other words, if someone is unhappy, it is because he has not chosen well. And if one is happy, it is only because he has chosen well. Remember, a good man is one who reasons well and chooses well. Man, though, is much more than a brute animal. “(The brute is always present though?)”  Man is specifically different than a brute in that he has the specific powers of intelligence (the ability to apprehend essences) and will (desiring not merely sensible goods, but intelligible goods, such as truth, life, beauty, leisure, friendships, integrity, religion, marriage). So, it is not enough that human beings sense well, run fast, and eat the right foods, etc. A good man is one who functions according to his nature, which is a rational nature. Hence, a good man is one who reasons well and chooses well. Unre: “Knowledge and exposure let us make better informed and reasoned choices in life? Core of happy outcome education is to learn to investigate, gather information and make reasoned decisions!”

Stay rooted where you come from and investigate all to expand – not replace!

Way out stuff to make you think …


When You Figure Out Who You Are

Study yourself and find yourself to be who you are or at least get closer!

Stop trying to change the world – accept where you are now and choose next steps?

Law of attraction and Hicks

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