With vision a mere life becomes a great life – about purpose and vision

by Unre Visagie on May 14, 2014

An absolutely GREAT life is possible for more of us!Career development Life map wheel

The human is a wonderful self-optimizing and even selfish device driven by past experiences. Choose your future experiences wisely! How???

So add experiences and awareness of choices and the human changes to optimize. Self esteem, self worth, commitment, integrity, responsibility and accountability, hope and faith for self, family and community follows.

Experiences in projects can change the access to opportunities and resources. Our responses to the same situation change since we have more choices and more resources.

So trust the world to change when information and access change!

It is so simple and so easy that no one believe it.

This fits other articles about Monkeys sitting on our backs!

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Where There Is No Vision the People Perish (Proverbs 29:18)

Now look at the cost and thus the opportunity competing for under- and unutilized talents and passions applied in joyful production. Unre Visagie

The world is hungry. People are starving in the global Wal-Mart. They are choking on obesity of body, soul, and mind. There are countless “dead men walking.”

Some are addicted to anger and revenge; they are human bombs.

Some are addicted to greed and power; becoming arrogant robotic calculators, they see other people as means to their ends—expenses.

Some are addicted to selfish sexual desire; they are obsessed with their pornographic and perverted abuse of the natural procreative order of life.

Some are addicted to drugs and alcohol; running away from life, they destroy their own lives and those of people around them.

Some are members of armies; devoted to physical death and destruction, they act under the delusion that “war makes peace.”

Some are greedy, destroying the age-old life-sustaining ability of our planet Earth. Our short-term profit creates long-term desolation.

We altogether are addicted to violence and death. We are destroyers of life and love. We are the “dead men (and women) walking,” on our way to execute and be executed. Where there is no vision the people perish.

Who are the people? What is the vision?

This is the vision of the Living:

The Living see beyond themselves and their own desires.

The Living see the basic needs and hopes of others as the same as their own.

The Living know that even “dead men walking” can turn away from death toward life.

The Living recognize and practice a “community of life.”

The Living know good and evil tendencies are in every human being.

The Living practice repentance and forgiveness.

The Living are peacemakers.

The Living seek justice for all.

The Living are informed by history.

The Living see beyond their generation into the future.

The Living seek the same opportunity for others that they seek for themselves.

The Living respect, conserve, and share the resources of the Earth.

The Living serve the spirit of love.

The Living would rather build than destroy.

The Living seek truth instead of lies and illusions.

The Living choose trust over suspicion.

The Living celebrate life:

  •    In the smile of a child,
  •    In the loving touch of hands,
  •    In the sharing of food and drink,
  •    In the healing of the sick,
  •    In the unique quality of each individual person,
  •    In shared laughter,
  •    In shared work,
  •    In the beauty and sternness of nature,
  •    In song, dance, and story.

Choose Life, not Death! Choose awareness, more competencies with knowledge and more contribution.

In fact thrive!

Who do we say thank you to?

We thank you for being there and that we can work with you.

We thank our Creator for more than we can use in a life time.

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