Career success cover all areas of life – The Life wheel or map

Successful career or business owner cover all areas of life:

The purpose map will keep you on track:

Choose your goals and share with others to make it real

Know where you are going and why.

A clear purpose communicated let you make good decisions and attract resources and opportunities.

You build your career or business like a band build their reputation and followers to whom they contribute joy and value.

Build all areas of life at the same time (Yes BUILD like you build a house – THE CAREER HOUSE.) :

Develop your own insights and what you believe. I share my journey here and hope it will help you in three steps to

  1.  Explore,
  2. Discover and
  3. Build your career or business.
  1. Physical growth
  2. Social growth
  3. Mental growth
  4. Spiritual growth
  5. Financial growth
  6. Family life

A well designed and planned career or business grow you, the teams and the career or business at the same time.

We use two selected examples:

Career house. A well build house you can live in.

Life plan wheel or map. A wheel can roll!

Physical growth
Social growth
Mental growth
Spiritual growth
Financial growth
Family life